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Our services:

» Sheet metal punching
» Sheet metal forming
» Sheet metal bending
» Sheet metal cutting
» Sheet metal thermal cutting
» Sheet metal plasma cutting
» Sheet metal laser cutting
» Welding
» Sandblasting
» Painting
» Galvanizing & Hot dip galvanizing
» Steel structures
» Machining
» Punching tools
» Forming tools
» Injection moulds
» Plastic workpieces
» Rubber workpieces, taping
» Metal railing
» Metal stairs (ordunary and stainless steel)
» Wooden houses
» Wooden stairs
» Mobile pelleting machines
» Complete windfarms from 1.5kW to 40 kW- production and assembly
» EU funds including application, operation, final settlement in Poland

We offer:

  • steel processing,
  • machining,
  • power press treatment,
  • welding of steel and non-ferrous metals,
  • Sheet metal cutting: laser up to 20 mm, thermal up to 100mm and plasma up to 30 mm thick,
  • outsourcing of metal components for companies (individual project),
  • manufacture of building components (gates, fences, railings, scaffolding, enclosures),
  • transport by light commercial vehicle up to 3.5 t and by truck up to 24 t.

Assembly of steel constructions and scaffolds
for industry and housing construction

Strong brand and the image of reliable manufacturer results from attractive prices and high quality of products and services.

We have our own mechanical processing plant. We use our lathes, millers and grinders mostly for our own purposes to make press matrices and for production for our western partners.

Depending on our Clients needs, metal products are hot-dip or electro-galvanised, chrome plated, nickel plated, powder coated.


  • punching and bending of components on eccentric and hydraulic press 6 to 500 t,
  • band sawing of steel and non-ferrous materials,
  • guillotine shearing of sheet metal plates 10 mm thick and 3000 mm long,
  • inert gas welding of common steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals,
  • general construction and renovation works, land hardening, setting,
  • green gardens, lawns- projects and realisation

We encourage you to cooperate with us. We are looking for new contractors and partners. Our ambition is to develop the company while meeting our Clients' needs. We are professional and experienced. We provide high quality services to meet our Clients' expectations and offer them top-of-the-range and affordable products.